Yodare (ヨダレ君 Yodare-Kun) is a young slobber sprite about the same age as Mirumiru-Chan. However, unlike Mirumiru, he has the ability to talk. In the Italian dub of Pururun! Shizuku-Chan, he is called "Dribble", which is the English meaning of yodare.


Yodare has the ability to slobber a lot. He has a bad temper and, when really upset, he slobbers all over everyone, making it seem as if it is raining.

Appearance and personalityEdit

He is an orange-yellow color with blue wings. His eyes are horizontal lines and he has red cheeks. He has a yellow beak with slobber under it, and he has a white handkerchief around his neck.


Yodare's best friend is Mirumiru-Chan; he has a crush on her and sends her love letters that only she can understand. He sometimes gives her handkerchiefs that he has slobbered on, which is what he does to anyone he loves. He does not have many other friends because he slobbers on them too much, although he sometimes talks to Uruoi-Chan.