Uruoi-Chan (うるおいちゃ), or just Uruoi, (Known as Ally in the TMS-e English website) is a skin lotion sprite but is also depicted as a pink lemonade sprite in some manga.  She is the main female character of the series, and she runs the Department Store in Shizuku Forest.  She is voiced by Ryoka Yuzuki.


Uruoi does not have a specific ability, but she has a special bond with Shizuku.  In episode 9, Shizuku got frozen and, no matter what he did, he could not thaw until Uruoi kissed him.  It was Uruoi’s love for Shizuku that saved him.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Uruoi is pink with a red ribbon on the right side of her head.  She has three eyelashes on each eye.

Uruoi is very feminine and loves pretty, fashionable things.  She also has a tendency to fall in love easily; she got a crush on Shizuku as soon as she saw him, and she has had crushes on many other sprites in Shizuku Forest.


Uruoi’s closest friend is Shizuku because she has such a crush on him.  She is also very good friends with Mirumiru, and often looks aft her.  Finally, Uruoi is friends with Tsumurin and they share many of the same opinions.

Name meaning

Uruoi is Japanese for "moisture".