Tsumurin (つむり) is the only central character in Pururun! Shizuku-Chan who is not a sprite. He is a snail who now lives in Shizuku’s house.


Tsumurin is not a sprite, so he does not have any powers. Still, he can be surprisingly strong and fast for a snail, using his “foot” to hold things. He has the ability to take his shell off, which he sometimes does when he takes naps.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Tsumurin is a light yellow snail with a colorful shell that is blue, yellow, and pink. He has orange stalks on top of his head and his eyes are on his face instead of on his stalks like real snails. He has a well-meaning personality, humble and honest, and tries to help Shizuku-Chan even though he cannot understand Shizuku’s strange behavior. He is a bit of a coward and does not like taking risks.


Tsumurin was Shizuku’s very first friend, and also gets along with Uruoi-Chan and Mirumiru-Chan. Tsumurin shares a lot in common with Uruoi because neither of them fully understand Shizuku’s and Mirumiru’s unusual personalities.