Shizuku-Chan (しずくちゃ), or just Shizuku, is a young and playful raindrop sprite who lives with his parents, Ametarou and Rainy.  He is the main character of the Shizuku-Chan manga and anime, and was born as a drop of rain from a cloud.  His birthday is April 29 and he is voiced by Miyako Ito in the anime.


Shizuku has the power to control water, which he sometimes uses to help his friends.  For example, he controls a waterfall in episode 6 to catch Mineo, who is falling.  Shizuku can also produce rainbows when he is extremely happy.  When Shizuku is hit, he may turn into a puddle of rain, and then return back to normal.  Finally, Shizuku can grow to a very large size when it rains.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Shizuku looks like a simple, blue drop of rain with yellow wings.  He looks to be the plainest of all Shizuku-Chan characters, but he has a lively personality.  He is almost always smiling, even if something troubling is happening.  He is a bit of a daydreamer, causing him to act weird as if his head is in the clouds. And in Heaven Scent, Shizuku chan Appears with a sister.


Shizuku is very popular in Shizuku Forest, so he is friends with almost everyone.  However, he goes on most of his adventures with his best friends Uruoi, Mirumiru, and Tsumurin.  He has a small crush on Uruoi, who has an even bigger crush on him.