Roze-Chan (ロゼちゃん) is a popular rose wine sprite from the second Shizuku anime series, Pururun! Shizuku-Chan Aha! Her parents are Monsieur-Vino and Madam-Blanche. She is voiced by Momoko Saito.


Roze-Chan has a beautiful voice and is considered the most talented singer in Shizuku Forest. She can spellbind the other sprites by singing.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Roze-Chan is pink (a darker shade than Uruoi-Chan) with yellow wings. She has two bubbles on the right side of her head; one is the same color as her father and the other one is the same color as her mother. She has sparkly green eyes that are much more anime-like in style compared to the other characters' eyes.

Roze-Chan is really kind and sweet and likes to perform concerts for her friends. While she comes off as a bit spoiled, she is innocent and unaware that others are jealous of her singing talent.


Roze-Chan's best friends are Shizuku-Chan and Tsumurin. They are the two biggest fans of Roze-Chan, and she has a small crush on them both. However, Uruoi-Chan does not like Roze-Chan because she is jealous of her popularity.