Mirumiru-Chan (みるみるちゃ), or just Mirumiru, is a milk sprite and she is an infant.  She is another one of the main characters in the Shizuku series, living in the Milk Store.  All she can say is “Mirumiru” and she is voiced by Sayaka Narita.


Despite being very young, Mirumiru has exceedingly great strength and can lift up heavy objects nobody else can.  Because she loves milk so much, she has a knack for finding it and will often track down cows in order to drink their milk.  Like Shizuku, she can grow large in the rain and can grow even bigger than him.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Mirumiru is white with sparkly eyes, and one eyelash in each eye.  She wears a bib with the English word “Milk” on it.  Her wings are blue.

MiruMiru’s personality is hard to understand, because she cannot talk.  She can basically be described as sweet and cheerful, and popular among other young sprites.  Even though she has super strength, she still has the mind of a child; she is innocent, gullible, and carefree.


Mirumiru goes on adventures with Shizuku-Chan and Tsumurin, but her very best friend is Uruoi-Chan.  They spend a lot of time together.  Mirumiru has a crush on Yodare, which Uruoi unfortunately disapproves of.

Name Meaning

Mirumiru actually means very fast, but her name is more likely derived from miruku, meaning "milk".